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Lack of proper control over an industrial water treatment system can cause wide ranging problems including high production costs, below standard productivity and even in extreme cases - plant shutdown.

Emilsen Enterprises has long been the technological leader in the water treatment industry. Computer technology and water treatment chemistry are beginning to merge, thus opening the door to new frontiers in solving water-related problems. Just as industrial plants have utilized computer-based process control in their production systems, they are now ready for computer-based water treatment data acquisition and control systems -

Emilsen Enterprises is spearheading the efforts to fill this need and is now a leader in utilizing computers for monitoring and controlling the water utility functions of large processing industries.




How Can We Serve You

boiler waterBoiler water treatment programs are custom-tailored to your specific system and water characteristics. They are designed to produce clean heat-transfer surfaces and efficient, trouble free boiler operation.


pulp millFrom the pulp mill to the bleach plant and paper machine, control of slime, deposits and pitch means higher production of quality paper and reduced downtime.



refineryRefinery and Petrochemical Plant overhead corrosion and exchanger fouling can be substantially reduced using advanced inhibitors and newly-developed antifoulants.



steel plantCritical to most steel plant operations are the water systems that provide essential cooling. Unscheduled downtime due to scale and corrosion can be avoided by the correct application of chemical treatment programs.


polymer treatmentWhether it's removing surface water turbidity and organic color or waste-water solids, oil and grease, Emilsen Enterprises has a custom polymer treatment program designed to get the job done.


corrosion inhibiterA full line of cooling water treatment products is available from Emilsen Enterprises, including corrosion inhibitors and patented chemicals for controlling scale and microbiological fouling.