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Our chemists and engineers use the latest laboratory testing equipment to perform analyses of samples obtained from customers' water and process sytems. >>> Read More


Boiler water treatment programs are custom-tailored to your specific system and water characteristics. They are designed to produce clean. >>> Read More



When service excellence and experience matters then Emilsen Enterprises is your business partner who works for you and your establishment.

We take pride in our work commitments and present understanding on your business needs. Upon your contact you will find that we are more than just chemicals, we have dedicated engineers, chemists, biologists, technicians, production facilities and over half-a century of experience. We will help you make the most efficient use of your resources by providing solutions based on both the water characteristics and equipment operation.

Water Treatment Anti-Corrosion Products for Water, Wastewater and Process Industries servicing boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, paper, petroleum process streams, influent and effluent systems.

Inhibited Industrial lubricants for all industries giving excellent corrosion and lubrication qualities for transport, heavy equipment, mining, process industries, manufacturing and food industries.

Consultants on Industrial Corrosion Goods

Emilsen Enterprises supplies products for the world's pre-eminent suppliers of engineered chemical treatment programs for influent water, boiler, cooling, wastewater and process systems in industrial, commercial and institutional establishments.