Our Service Excellence

With our proven track record and on time every time approach, your business will benefit from our expertise and friendly staff.

cooling water systemWe have grown with ever changing technologies that drives your business, and our competitive pricing structure has allowed us to stay at the top of our field, and we are proud to offer competitive pricing that doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality.




Specialty Chemicals for Your Needs

modern chemical processing labOur chemists and engineers use the latest laboratory testing equipment to perform analyses of samples obtained from customers' water and process systems. Complete ionic, suspended solids and low-level metals analysis provides an accurate representation of problem contaminants in boiler and cooling water systems.

chemist working in labEmilsen Enterprises is more than just chemicals it is engineers, chemists, biologists, technicians, production facilities and over half-a century of experience. We will help you make the most efficient use of your resources by providing solutions based on BOTH the water characteristics and equipment operation.
Manufacturing Plant

biology in labEmilsen Enterprises' manufacturing plant has modern processing equipment to formulate specialty chemicals. Sufficient stocks are available for immediate shipment.

semi bulk containers on forkliftStackable semi-bulk containers reduce storage and drum handling costs and, since they are returned, eliminate drum disposal headaches.



drums in factory